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إكتشف أكثر مشروع أحلامك ابني حلمك مشروع معنا لدينا القدرة على تولي أي مشروع زجاج تجاري تقريبًا. التزامنا الراسخ بالتميز وفريق من الخبراء المخضرمين هما عاملان من بين العديد من العوامل الرئيسية التي تميزنا إكتشف أكثر حلول ذكية ومبتكرة وسهلة الاستخدام مبتكر حلول نعتقد أن الابتكار ليس مهمًا فحسب ، ولكنه مهم في صناعة الزجاج نحن نتميز في اتخاذ خطط معمارية مفاهيمية والتوصل إلى حلول تركيب الزجاج الأكثر فعالية نحن مجهزون بالكامل بالمعدات والآلات المتخصصة مشاريع سهلة جعل تجاري مشاريع سهلة يتمتع عملاؤنا بميزة العمل مع فريق مكدس من محترفي الزجاج التجاريين مستوى من الخبرة لن تجده في أي مكان آخر. من حل المشاكل المبتكرة لدينا ، وذوي الخبرة فريقنا لديه القوة البشرية ليس فقط للقيام بأي مشروع تجاري ، ولكن للقيام بذلك بشكل صحيح إكتشف أكثر
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Al Qasr Glass Company provides all that is new in the world of glass and to satisfy our customers through the credibility and quality products manufactured with the latest glass technology and arts, which were selected from the oldest European brands and manufacturers to be partners in the success.The company manufactures and supplies its customers with all their different segments of service, high quality, and accuracy.

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We have world most advance technology glass handling system to ensure the best quality of glass processing, Cutting, Edge Polishing, Frameless Double Glass, Lamination, Bullet Resist Glass, Structural Glass and any kind of Sand Blasting Works.

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  1. Over 100+ Glass Industry Design
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This is definitely one of the best companies out there, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for fast quality services at affordable cost. Thanks for the amazing technical support and quality services!

Faris Al Shamrani

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

It has been great working with your technical and amazing people who know what they do. All my questions and requests were addressed effective immediately, and I am so grateful for your service!

Abdullah A. Khushaim

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Being able to deal with Technical support and people ! And I know for sure that the quality of service and technical experience of your company is the best. Thank you for everything!

Muhammad Al Otaibi

Qassim, Saudi Arabia
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We have world most advanced technology for glass handling system to ensure the best quality of glass processing, Cutting, Edge Polishing, Frameless Double Glass, Lamination, Bullet Resist Glass, Structural Glass and any kind of sand blasting work.

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The insulting glass production line in the essential machine of insulating glass, production line, it make stepped glass, shaped glass, double layers, and three layers. The insulting Glass machine is special equipment for aluminium groove type insulting glass, This can make two-layer insulating glasses with equal and unequal glass sheets.

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